Enermonde believes in being on the cutting edge in the development of energy solutions that will gain both our clients and the environment. Our team delivers professional, efficient, and sustainable energy solutions to the market. We work closely with and support our clients throughout the entire life cycle of any energy investment, from the pre-investment phase to the finalizing part.


Our Services include:
• Renewable Energy plants (wind and solar)
• Load and demand forecasting in different sectors  (industries, regional and national)
• Energy policy making
• Efficiency analysis and Efficiency improvement
• Feasibility and analysis of dispersed generation
• Modern technologies in the Energy sector

Iran has the world’s largest gas reserves and fourth-biggest oil reserves. Enermonde is involved in a number of projects in Iran and can assist with technical knowlwdge in this sector.

Sustainability and efficiency in power supply of our cities needs  innovative solutions. Enermonde is currently involved in important project throughout Iran.

Company News

Our CEO Dr. Mojtaba Noroozian recently held a speech at the 10th Annual MENA Rail and Metro Summit in Dubai. The Middle East region has large infrastructure projects in the field of rail and electrification. Enermonde has the technical experience and knowledge to assist large projects in this field.